Yacht Services

Motor Yachts

I provide high quality services as a Delivery Captain of motor yachts of any size. My vast experience extends across a wide range of vessels, including luxury yachts, sport and recreational boats, allowing me to ensure safe, efficient and tailored sailing. My commitment is to provide an exceptional experience, meticulously attending to the specificities of each client, with the aim of ensuring a smooth and totally satisfying voyage on the high seas.

Delievery Captain
Sailboat yacht portfolio Captain Candlot

Sailing Yachts

As a highly experienced and professional Relief Captain, I offer personalized services for sailboats of all sizes. With extensive knowledge and mastery of sailing techniques, I am committed to providing a safe and efficient onboard experience. My main objective is to ensure exceptional performance and a smooth and safe sailing experience at all times, meeting the most demanding expectations and requirements.


As a specialized Delivery Captain I provide professional services for catamarans of all sizes. My focus is on ensuring stability, comfort and safety throughout the crossing, guiding you through the waters with the peace of mind that a high-end catamaran provides. My main commitment is to exceed your expectations, ensuring that every voyage is fully rewarding and unparalleled.

Catamaran portfolio Captain Candlot
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